President Donald J. Trump left office, left the White House, and left Washington on Jan. 20, 2021. I began this month’s webcast series with “My January 6 Story,” and I want to elaborate a bit more now on our collective journey since then.

I have been asked many times by people why I love Trump, why I am still with him despite all the current attacks and negativity. The answer is simple: because he stayed! It is time for RINOS, ambitious Republican Presidential Candidates, and even the Trump haters to understand something. There are likely 75 million of us out here who never went away. And if you want any chance of this nightmare dissipating, you need to band together right now and support this man.

Stop spending campaign money on hopeless campaigns, save for your personal ambitions and ladder climbing. Stop pretending that he is not the candidate the people of the party want. Not the elites, but the people. That means people like you and me. Stop pretending he should debate these fellow Republicans. He and he alone stands there with the experience. By that I mean, he has stood in the line of fire, he has implemented good policies that brought about extraordinary changes in so many categories—including foreign affairs. He also by now knows what went wrong, and who “caused” it.

Stop listening to pundits who are paid to argue out of one side of their mouth one month, and another side in the next month, solely for the purposes of promoting “healthy debate” on some daytime or nighttime commentary show. Stop listening to them and start listening to the people!

Perhaps you think you are listening to your constituents when they call or write in. I understand. But your duty is to the country first, and your constituents second. Why? If there is no country, it won’t matter what pork you brought to your home state. It will be meaningless. But, you need to look, not just listen. The Trump voters were demonstrating something in 2016, 2020, and every month since. You can tell by the size of the crowds who attend his rallies. You can try to ignore it all you want, but we are communicating something by our presence. What is that you ask? Simply that we are still here. We are still standing. We have not left him. Why? Because he stayed. Not in the White House, or Washington, but in something far more interesting to smart, fair-minded people.

He stayed and took the blows, and continues to take the blows, for all the American people. I believe that is now being seen by even liberals who thought they hated him until they experienced the results of the other side’s policies. Trump was President of all the people, and he knew it. His economic policies, his foreign policies, his criminal justice reform policies, though nascent, were applied for everyone: all races, all religions, all ethnicities, all educational levels, white collar and blue collar alike. We never asked that he be perfect. I have never held that expectation of any of the many Presidents of my lifetime. Why would I expect that of Trump. But I do expect a President to care about and stand up for all the people—even the ones who despise him.

We stayed, quietly standing by, now peacefully standing by. knowing that if he could endure and last four years, we could endure four years and be there for the next election. He stayed. He is still here and he is still standing. And, more importantly, he is still fighting for the American people. Trump represents us. He is us. I don’t represent Trump. I am not trying to be like Trump. I am not some cult follower who can’t think for herself. Quite the opposite. I believe Trump has always known that the strength and hope of this country is the people themselves. The people are the bedrock who can save this Republic. The elites can only forfeit it.

So just look. Stop trying to one-upmanship him. All you candidates, for the love of God, stand up for us, not just your personal ambitions. Republican candidates, you can wait four more years, and stop jostling for a cabinet post, or VP slot. Trump does not govern by the age-old, now-ineffective criteria for selecting people. You have likely all lost that possibility. So, go for the greater good. Why, you ask?

A menacing crew—far more menacing than angry rioters on Jan. 6—have covertly undermined our election process and many of our judicial processes by skillful, stealth perception management and outright mind-manipulation. Their target? The entire American population.

As time passed, however, I suspect that many honest Democrats and Independents know now that they were duped into voting for someone incompetent at best, or anti-American at worst. They know something is wrong and are beginning to voice that they liked Trump better—his policies at least. At the end of the day it does matter that we are secure as a people, free as a people, and prosperous as a people. As individuals can now see the debacle of the implementation of Biden’s policies, the alternative, the man they were taught to hate, now seems palatable.

Personally, I welcome the election ahead. It better be fair. It better be honest. For the fate of our great republic rests on the public’s perception that our elections are honest, and that their vote counts, and was counted honestly. Trump can “feel” that the 2020 voters are still there for him. I suspect he has taken some courage and strength from that “feeling.” Biden will leave office having amassed much wealth during and because of his presidency. The Obamas as well. The Clintons before him.

Trump will leave office with much of his previously-earned wealth reduced or destroyed. And that is different from any other person I have ever watched in Presidential politics. It is also why we are still here. Because he stayed—head still held high, willing and able to get up one more time and resolved to yet pursue victory for the United States’ citizens, and peace for the world—we stayed.

In my novel “White King and the Doctor” two real-life villains are assessing America’s strengths to determine how they can covertly convert them into weaknesses. They are discussing Americans’ goodness and sense of fair play. You can read about how they intended to attack us in the book, but here, twenty years later, I believe they will fail.

The simple reason is that Americans are indeed fair-minded. And we have a natural aversion to “piling on,” whether it be in football, or school bullying, or persecution of one’s countrymen on religious grounds. In the movie “Cool Hand, Luke” Paul Newman’s character eventually wins although his body does not because each time he was knocked down he got up and defiantly said, “Hit me again!”

People of all parties recognize piling on. Even some journalists who participated in it are now having one of their native American virtues take hold. No one person should be relentlessly and brutally attacked without a sympathizer, without someone speaking up. And that is why I believe Trump is right. He will get more than 75 million votes this time. People who may be too afraid to speak about it, or wear a red hat, or place a bumper sticker on their car will exercise their confidential vote and “speak” that way.

Why? Because he stayed!

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  1. Spot On Lee! One thing that is troubling at this point in time is that though the majority of fair minded folks know that this next Nov. 2024 Election will make or break our Great Nation, We do not see what is actually being done by The People to make sure the elections are not rigged again. I believe that sane minded LEGAL voters would feel much more comfortable if we knew the measures in the states, especially the “Swing States” that were being taken to make sure that does not happen again. Are there measures being taken now, and can you shed some light on how that situation is looking at this point in time? – Brian Baxter

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