Fifth Generation Warfare

If you have watched this month’s webcast on Military Strategies used against us in psychological warfare, you are probably coming to a better understanding of Perception Management as a vital part of the strategic take-down of a people. Diversions, Misdirection, Divide and Conquer are all part of our current scene. Playing upon our emotions with relentless bombardments of accusations and recriminations, the citizen is self-censoring—almost afraid to express his thoughts.

The juxtaposition of the hearings and revelations about not just Hunter Biden, but President Biden as well, and their alleged influence pedaling, extortion, bribery, and money laundering and the indictments of former President Trump, add-on charges, and yesterday’s new indictment are a study in a justice system under attack and reeling.

You no doubt have spotted the double standard just in those two men’s legal situations. Your favorite pundits or analysts have no doubt started to enlighten you about the significance of the timing in the Trump indictments. They will cover the “coincidence” of something incriminating being revealed in hearings and testimonies that exposes and jeopardizes President Biden and the next-day or near-next-day indictment or charging of President Trump.

When the news narrative is going in an undesirable direction, the narrative is seized by the newest juicy narrative. I’ll leave it to others to elaborate on that. What I want to address a bit, and more in the Podcast, is the use of Diversion to manage your perceptions. Before you can focus too long on something and reach conclusions by being able to look clearly into an area, your attention is diverted to another arena. The role of the media is to further this propaganda strategy, as too much redirection of attention, too swiftly leaves one confused and feeling overwhelmed. If you have been experiencing emotions like this, just slow down, and do not allow your attention to be diverted.

The Divide and Conquer strategy is obviously in play, as we line up on our side of each issue and dig in, further obfuscating any common ground we might have, locking us even further into a nation divided to the degree we are devouring ourselves. In my novel “White King and the Doctor” I theorized that the actual mastermind of Al Qaeda had inserted a Fifth Column into the United States with the goal of taking our strengths as a nation and turning them into weaknesses. Moreover, he intended through his propaganda chief to get us to do it to ourselves. We would fall from within.

If you have not read the first book in the White King Series, I implore you to do so. You will be able to spot how they did it. Obviously Big Media and Big Tech are part of it. But tragically, we are turning into the authors of our own demise. And that is being accomplished using the brilliant form of warfare known as asymmetrical political warfare. It relies upon psychological operations (psy-ops) to accomplish results that conventional warfare could never dream of.

And normal, sane, decent people are almost helpless in the face of it since good people do not think along evil lines, they often don’t spot bad people and bad intentions, and, because they think rationally, they do not expect the insidious and sinister undermining of reason in our schools, our churches, our families, our courts, and our own minds.

In a recent article Gen. Michael Flynn, former Director of National Security, described Fifth-Generation Warfare (5GW) as a blurring of the lines between war and politics, where the actors are non-traditional, making it very challenging to clearly know who or what the enemy is. The aim of this type of warfare is “to manipulate the adversary’s perception of reality, using methods to confuse, mislead, and ultimately achieve the strategic objective without the adversary even realizing that they are at war. It could be seen as warfare by stealth and indirection, with a focus on influencing thought and information.”

And that, my friends, brings us to Perception Management and its pervasiveness in our society today. I venture to guess that most of the mystifying conversations or arguments you have had with friends, family, colleagues etc. can be explained by this fact: they do not even realize they are at war and that an adversary has a clear agenda. In my opinion half of America is in this category. All good people. All just unaware.

The Black Propagandist I wrote about in last week’s Commentary uses this stealth technology to worm into your mind, plant false information to alter your perceptions and your conclusions, thereby getting you to choose on your own the very thing you would resist if it were presented to you in a straight-forward manner. Understanding this subject within an inch of our lives is imperative to our survival. Some of you may be studying stealth elements of vaccines. Some of you may be studying the stealth undermining of children. The undercut to successes by an adversary in those arenas is the stealth takeover of your mind.

We are going to spend time on this in the weeks and months ahead. We will ferret out the source of this type of warfare in the public arena, and in next month’s webcast we will devote time to how to hit the right target. For I think you all probably by now realize that playing a whack-a-mole game with us hitting the flavor-of-the-week as far as targets goes will lead to a never-ending, exhausting game. When you identify the source “target” in any area of conflict, and you address the right target, it is possible to win. The entire White King Series is designed to expose the right target, and this site is created to help us all spot it all in the real world.

Before I leave you and go to the Podcast to elaborate more, here’s a preview. The asymmetrical warfare is surprisingly enough in the purview of the artist. And through the artist’s eyes it is possible to spot it, and to stop it. What do you say we go to the Podcast so I can elaborate on what I mean. Delicious!

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