“Sound of Freedom”—Montana Style!

Last night I had the opportunity to see “Sound of Freedom” at the one-screen Dome Theatre in The City of Eagles in Montana. Having spent decades in Hollywood, I always like the experience of being in the theater with the audience. But what I experienced last night is something I want to share with you.

Before the movie began, the sponsor of the movie came to the front of the theater to address the audience—not to talk politics, not to ask for money, not to cajole people to refrain from talking or using their cell phones. That may regularly happen where you live, depending upon the respect your neighbors have for one another.

Instead she simply said that we were all about to watch this movie, and she suggested we begin with a prayer. Now I know that not everyone in that room has faith or is a member of the same religion, ethnicity, or even politics. But, one thing we all had in common last night was this: we are all human beings, and we all despise evil.

Everyone prayed her simple prayer for God to protect the children and use this film and what we would learn from it to save children everywhere. And that, my friends, is “Sound of Freedom” Montana-style!

For those who maybe don’t know, the movie is based upon a true story involving a Homeland Security Agent who risks everything to find and return a kidnapped and sex-trafficked young girl to her family. Having performed in so very many movies and movies of the week that were based on true stories, I knew what to expect as far as the screenplay would go.

Having also written the third—and what I thought would be the final book of the White King Series—in 2013, “White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame” I was well aware of this issue of slave trading globally, and very specifically the sex-slave industry. The longer I have lived, and the wiser I feel I have become, I am occasionally knocked off my pins with my own naivite however. For it never occurred to me that this would become a film that some would choose to use in order to further divide and polarize this country, that it would be used to deny the very existence of this scourge, by deflecting attention away to some political viewpoint, candidate, or group.

Hearing about controversy related to the movie, I checked only a few things and discovered what I knew I would, having written and recorded for you “Fifth Generation Warfare” and “Perception Management,” and just this month “The Audition.” I know nothing about QAnon, but will have something to reveal about that in a month or two when I test out a theory. I don’t attack the film because Trump screened it at Bedminster. (I did note however that President Biden and Homeland Security are silent—not just about the film, but also about the issue.) I don’t attack the film because Christian groups have supported it.

The seizing or grooming of children to become sex slaves, where their lives are forever destroyed, is in my opinion a common enemy of us all. No family is safe, no location in the world is safe from this, and no child is safe or free until those who perpetrate and aid and abet by their silence are brought to justice.

In fact, the choice to pray last night was one of the most American things a people could do. To laugh, poopoo, or scoff at it is “aiding and abetting.”

Some of you may not believe this, that it is just some over-hyped conspiracy theory of some imagined political enemy of yours. Well, you are wrong. When I was researching my own book a decade ago, I acknowledged the author E Benjamin Skinner who wrote the book “A Crime So Monstrous.” Look it up on Amazon. Buy it. Read it. And for you Media lovers, Skinner is one of you. He was hired by Newsweek to go undercover masquerading as a slave purchaser and trader—all over the world—to research the types of slavery, the preponderance of it, the locations of it, and the purchasers of it. The results of his difficult undertaking became the book. The results were shocking to him, and will definitely awaken every reader to the idea—no matter their ideologies—that evil roams this earth.

Further, I met E Benjamin Skinner at an event in Hollywood sponsored by the Youth for Human Rights organization. Lest you try to dodge this by saying this couldn’t occur in your lovely, pricey neighborhood, pay attention now. Skinner brought with him a woman, now in her late 40’s or 50’s who was tricked and kidnapped by a woman near where she lived. The child was nine years old if I remember, when a nice woman in an expensive car in San Marino, Ca. offered her some work to earn money for a surprise for her mother. The little girl took the bait, and that began the long nightmare of her sex-slavery and worse with the woman and her husband. All done in a “good” neighborhood, by “respected” people, in “plain sight.”

I challenge you to look up San Marino, Ca as it is an affluent neighborhood, very established, adjacent to Pasadena. And to anyone who is so hate-filled that they want to destroy this film, its makers, and its supporters, I would suggest you take a look at your humanity. This issue is not an issue to take sides on. It is an issue that should unite us all.

And to you, my subscribers, I would suggest that this reaction to the film is a living breathing example of what I discussed in my webcast, Sept. 1: “The Audition”

I don’t know what your politics are. I don’t know what your religion is or is not. I don’t know what your sexual preferences are. I don’t care what language you speak. I don’t care how educated or uneducated you are. Many things divide us. But, for the love of God, this thing should unite us. There comes a time in all our lives where we realize we are in fact responsible for our “brothers and sisters” of the human race. Good people can see that. Bad people cannot.

So, see the movie, read “A Crime So Monstrous” and dive in quickly to “White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame.” For the more we know, the more our perceptions may expand and change, the better choices we make, the more effective actions we take, and the more desirable a result we can bring about for the sake of those who are not free!

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  1. This article matches my view exactly. Know people by what they support and what they fight. These
    critical people are showing their colors. And just a note, the message at the beginning of the movie, I believe, does not state it is based on a true story. It says, it is a true story. Grasp that. Not embelished. Real stuff. Keep up the good writing and moving people to truth and reality.

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