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In these times when confidence in our government, its agencies, its leaders, and its bureaucrats is running low, and where American citizens are becoming cynical in their mistrust of all things Washington, DC, one law may just allow us to dig ourselves out of this Deep State hell hole we find ourselves in.

It has often been said that “truth will out.” I believe that to be true. Eventually the truth has a way of surfacing, and finally answering questions that may have lingered for decades. That is happening in our country today. It may take decades to sort out all that has crashed and burned inexplicably in front of our eyes over the last 10 years or so, but the truth of who is responsible for the chaos in the United States today, and for the dangers we are facing, will surface.

And deliciously, a law created by a Democrat Congressman from California that was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1967 may prove to be the tool that exposes all the corruption—the WHO, the WHY, the HOW, and the WHEN of a long-developing plot to overthrow our form of government.

If we survive these perilous times—and I believe we can—we will owe it I believe to the Freedom of Information Act, otherwise known as FOIA. Hopefully you enjoy irony because the irony is the Democrats created the legislation because they were suspicious of certain people and agencies in Washington, and wanted to make sure that secrecy and cover-up amongst governmental agencies did not hide the truth from the American people. It is often described as the law that keeps American citizens aware of their government.

And as time goes on, I believe it will be this singular piece of legislation that hoists the Democrat party by its own petard! All governments, ours included, have had their miscreants and abhorrent behavior. And they have hidden the dirty laundry in whatever department it occurred in the hopes that the citizen himself would never find out about it.

We are struggling as citizens today to even recognize the America we were born into, and grew up in. There are unfathomable things happening in the courts, the district attorneys’ offices, the school boards, the halls of presumptive Ivy League superiority, the inner sanctums of major religions, the curriculum at our military colleges, and most importantly, the distorted, error-ridden election systems throughout this country.

Laws long on the books regarding immigration are being disregarded wholesale with impunity. Millions of people have invaded our land with no true vetting. The citizens of this great country would never do this kind of lying, stealing, cheating, and coercing in their own lives. Yet we see our elected officials seemingly behaving in ways we cannot possibly justify.

We can vote, we can make phone calls, we can contribute money, but until we know enough of the truth about who is actually committing crimes against us, or covering up crimes, or aiding and abetting crimes against us, the problem will only worsen. The downward slide to oblivion would continue.

Yet, there stands that pesky little law: FOIA. Any citizen can make a request at foia.gov for information and documents. You don’t even need to be a citizen. Foreign nationals, organizations, universities, businesses, and state and local governments can as well.

This is the point where the investigative mind, the critical thinking mind, can enter. It’s one thing to investigate and find data, but it is the omitted data—especially the concealed or covered-up data—that can prevent one from discovering liberating truth. The law has been amended for exemptions, and there are probably creative crevices that are being deployed by duplicitous actors, but the channel is there. It is open, and it produces results.

In fact, you can almost measure how much of a problem this little act is to the evil-intentioned by the huge lag that ensues between the request made by an investigative journalist or lawyer and the time they finally get a response. The law requires their response within 20 business days. Suspicious as I am, I think we would likely find that is a joke today.

Nonetheless, eventually the document surfaces, and the pieces of the puzzle and context start to come together. As the truer picture surfaces, the bad actors become apparent, as do their methodologies. And so it is that a law presented by a Democrat congressman John Moss from California to prevent secrecy that could lead to dictatorships, is today the one tool you and I can use ourselves to ferret out that illusive truth we desire, and prevent dictatorship by the Deep State from occurring.

Moss himself, in arguing for the case, said, “An informed public makes the difference between mob rule and democratic government.” It took 10 years to get the law passed. It faced a Presidential veto. Yet, on July 4, 1966 it was signed.

Isn’t it delicious that a law created by a now-corrupt party on July 4 of all days is the single most important law that may save us in the years ahead. No matter where or how “deep” the truth is buried, it will surface. We only need to persistently and insistently demand that our “request” be honored.

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